Rooftop Fall Protection Solutions


Rooftop fall safety solutions including guardrails, rigid rail systems, portable solutions, walkway systems, anchor systems, & more

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Leading Edge Safety Systems For Roofs

With the updates to the OSHA 1910 standard in 2017, there is much more clarity on what rooftop protection is required. Employees or contractors engaged in temporary or infrequent work within 6' to 10' of an unprotected leading roof edge must have proper protection.

As the leading designer and installer of rooftop fall safety systems in North America, Flexible Lifeline Systems has designed hundreds of miles of roof fall protection systems for a variety of industries.

Solutions For All Types Of Roofs

Lifeline solutions are available for both low and high sloped roofs.  Whether you require passive fall prevention solutions or active fall arrest systems, our rooftop systems are designed to be user-friendly and non-intrusive. All of our lifeline systems provide continuous, uncompromising safety to employees while working at height.

FLS offers a wide variety of rooftop solutions ranging from freestanding guardrail systems and skylight screens to rigid rail systems and economical permanent lifeline systemsPortable solutions are also available in multiple configurations to meet every requirement.

Hazard Assessment

Onsite Hazard Assessment

Onsite Hazard Assessment

Our qualified people use a time-tested assessment process to identify hazards in order arrive at the best combination of products and systems to mitigate, abate, and eliminate risk of injury to your workers.

Remote Hazard Assessment

Remote Hazard Assessment

Our “high level” rooftop fall hazard assessments use satellite imaging to layout hazard zones according to OSHA/ANSI regulations and guidelines. Together, in a 20 minute screen share, we’ll determine the most effective safety solutions for your specific rooftop application.

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Why Turn to FLS for Rooftop Solutions?

The Right Safety Solutions For Your Rooftop

Providing fall protection on an existing or new roof is often a challenge.  No one wants to put more holes in their roof to add railings or tie off points.  Thankfully, FLS manufactures a wide variety of freestanding and non-penetrating products that can easily be added to a new or existing roof with out having to add unnecessary potential leak points. Access ladders, walkways with guardrails, hatch systems, skylight screens and guards, as well as cross over steps and platforms to eliminate tripping hazards and provide safe means of access are all part of a comprehensive roof fall hazard abatement.

Built to Last and Proven to Work

One often over looked part of protection for roofs is durability and certification through design and testing.  Equipment and products used on a roof to provide protection from falls are subjected to extreme environmental factors.  Many products on the market today, especially painted ones, will quickly fade and start to rust in as little as 1 to 2 years depending on the environment. At a minimum, we always start with a hot dipped galvanized finish on our carbon steel products and then add durable powder coatings for aesthetics purposes only.  Many solutions are also available in aluminum and stainless for added durability.

Not all rooftop products are created equal.  The fine print will often reveal that some products only work in certain configurations, environments or if there is a parapet.  We test every product we manufacturer at our test center to all US and global standards in all weather conditions to ensure that when it is needed most, it works.

Experts In Roof Fall Arrest

As the industry leader, FLS is acknowledged as the only true turnkey provider of innovative fall arrest solutions. We set the standard for fall arrest capability, quality and efficiency. For more information on our rooftop fall safety solutions, contact our fall safety specialists.

Rooftop Fall Safety Solutions

Do I need fall protection on a roof?

Probably, however OSHA allows for the use of work rules in lieu of fall protection on low slope roofs if there is no work or access withing 15’ of the edge of the roof.  The employer must document, train and enforce this rule for anyone accessing the roof.  Other fall hazards on the roof such as fragile roofs, skylights, and roof hatches may also require protection.  This method protection using a work rule is the least effective method of protecting from falls and should only be used if other means of protection are infeasible.

What are safe methods to access roofs?

Fixed ladder, temporary ladders, stairs and manlifts are all potentially safe methods of accessing a roof.  A job hazard analysis should be performed to ensure the access can be done in a safe manner.  If near the edge, protecting access points with additional guardrail around the access point to protect the worker once on the roof should also be considered.  Depending on the height of a fixed ladder it may require additional fall protection. Ensure temporary ladders are used correctly and extend above the roof level and are not near a roof corner.  When using a man lift to access a roof ensure it can extend to a safe place to access the roof before exiting.