Greif St. Gabriel Case Study

Flexible Lifeline Systems designed and installed 8 overhead fall protection systems to provide access the top of the rail cars and trucks in a loading bay.

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FLS Fall Protection for Railcars & Trucks

Greif, Inc. is a global leader in industrial packaging products. The company produces steel, plastic, fiber, flexible, corrugated, and reconditioned containers, intermediate bulk containers, containerboard and packaging accessories, and provides filling, packaging and industrial packaging reconditioning services for a wide range of industries.

Overhead fall protection was needed to safely access the tanker trucks in the inside truck bays as well as the railcars along a 300’ section of track. Four Single Point Anchors were needed to access the top of the trucks in the outside truck canopy.

Inspection of this systems required a 60’ lift. Coordination with the truck and railcar schedule was the biggest challenge for this facility. The facility has a variable offloading schedule.

The Right Fall Safety Solution

The FlexRail is designed to let the worker connect to the system as they climb up the access ladder. The system allows for safe access of the entire tanker truck and railcar.

Project Details

Greif, Inc. required overhead fall protection for their facility in St. Gabriel, LA. FlexRail was determined to be the best option for this need. One system required FlexRail to access the top of the train cars over a 300’ stretch of track. Three systems required FlexRail to access the tops of trucks in the truck loading bay. Four systems are single point anchors over an outside truck canopy.

Railcar/Truck Fall Safety Solutions