Rigid Rail Fall Protection For Railcars & Trucks

FlexRail provides a trolley beam rigid rail fall protection system that is not offered by any other rigid rail on the market.

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Rigid Rail Fall Protection For Railcars & Trucks

Our durable rigid fall protection system features an enclosed track with optional bypass capability. The FlexRail provides zero deflection arrest and an unprecedented 1:100 movement-to-weight ratio. The retractable lifeline remains overhead at all times completely eliminating any potential for an in-line swing-fall.

No other rigid rail fall protection system provides bypass capability combined with the enclosed track benefits of FlexRail and no other company in North America has designed more fall protection systems than Flexible Lifeline Systems.

Eliminate Buildup From Dust, Debris, Ice And Snow

Old style I-beam trolley systems are prone to dust and debris build-up on the exposed flanges, which is knocked off the beam when the trolley passes by and potentially into the railcar or truck resulting in contaminated product. This is no longer a concern with the FlexRail. The enclosed track completely eliminates dust and debris build-up, providing a maintenance-free fall protection system.

The FlexRail enclosed track completely eliminates snow or ice build up providing unprecedented ease of movement for outdoor systems. The retractable lifeline remains overhead at all times providing additional support on slippery surfaces. We recommend that the user “lock” the retractable lifeline and use it as additional support while walking.

Single Pedestal FlexRail

Single Pedestal FlexRail

The single pedestal FlexRail system shown above combines the FlexRail system with a single column and pier. It is ideal for congested areas where multiple pedestals would interfere with traffic flow.

Access Stairs And Platforms

Access Stairs And Platforms

FlexRail systems are available with a stair and access gangway to provide safe and easy access. A variety of heights are available and can be customized to suit your specific applications and requirements.

Attaches To Any Structure

Attaches To Any Structure

FlexRail systems can be custom-manufactured to attach to any structure as needed. While this is ideal for low overhead applications, the low weight-to-movement ratio means high overhead systems are feasible even with the longest retractable lifelines. Our safety industry experts’ comprehensive understanding of the multiple connection and span options available makes attaching FlexRail to any structure possible.

Rigid Rail Fall Protection Features

Easy To Use Fall Protection

The system is completely hands-free, allowing the employee to concentrate on the task at hand. Due to the 1:100 movement-to-weight ratio, the retractable lifeline remains directly overhead at all times, eliminating the possibility for an in-line swing fall.


With each user on their own enclosed track, multiple users gain the added benefit of bypass resulting in increased safety and productivity.

Easy Future Expansion

The modular style of the FlexRail makes it easy to add sections when you expand your capacities. We’ll even design your system with your expansion plans in mind to further reduce costs when you are ready to increase capacity.


The FlexRail enclosed track is by far the most reliable rigid rail system in use today. With an enclosed track eliminating dust, debris, and ice and snow build up, the FlexRail beam and trolley system is virtually maintenance free. FLS FlexRail systems are installed around the world providing employees with best fall protection system available.


All structural components are hot-dip galvanized for added durability and corrosion control. The teflon wheels of the sealed bearing trolleys do not damage the coating resulting in years of maintenance free use. A life expectancy of 25 years, maintenance free, is not uncommon in most industries.


Combine a competitive initial cost with minimal ongoing maintenance, increased productivity, and peace of mind, and a FlexRail system may well be the choice for you.

Rigid Rail Fall Protection for Railcars & Trucks Animation


Under OSHA’s requirements, all workers must have some form of fall protection while on railcars and while on the beds of trucks. OSHA requires fall protection for employees who work at elevation, defined as 4 feet per the OSHA 1910 standard for general industry and 6 feet per OSHA 1926 construction standards.

OSHA 29 CFR 1910.23(c): Every open-sided floor or platform four feet above an adjacent floor or ground level shall be guarded by a standard railing on all open sides except where there is entrance to a ramp, stairway or fixed ladder.