FlexHook Shipping Container Fall Protection

Innovative OSHA/ANSI compliant edge protection for transport trailers and shipping containers. Affordable. Easy to Install and Use!

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Temporary fall protection for transport trailers and shipping containers

FlexHook is a unique innovation in transport trailer and shipping container repair. It is a mobile system specifically developed to restrain falls from atop transport trailers and shipping containers, by restricting workers engaged in repair or maintenance from traveling to a roof surface edge.

This simple one person fall restraint system is lightweight, easy-to-use, and mobile, allowing the user complete range of motion over the entire trailer or container. The FlexHook Fall Restraint System was developed to prevent workers from falling from transport trailers/containers that are 96” or 102” inches wide.

The FlexHook Fall Restraint System prevents workers from traveling to the edge of the trailer/container or to a surface that may present a fall.

Lightweight & Easy To Use

The FlexHook is ergonomically designed and made of lightweight aluminum to enable the worker to lift the unit to the trailer/container top and secure in place without difficulty.

OSHA Compliant

OSHA suggests “twice the maximum expected force that is needed to restraint the person from exposure to the fall hazard”. FlexHook meets this requirement based on an expected maximum 300 lb. of force generated by a person walking, or leaning against the anchor on a flat surface.