Rolling stock such as railcars and trucks are the lifeline that keep America supplied. Protecting those workers who access the tops of railcars and trucks for loading, unloading and inspection is critical to having a safe operation.

FLS is especially suited to providing a full range of both fall prevention and fall protection solutions for railcar and truck industries. Our turnkey project approach to solving our customers challenges is particularly important for addressing railcar and truck fall protection.

Beyond standard installation, testing and training, a typical railcar and truck fall protection project may also include geotechnical investigations, one call services, concrete foundation work, heavy steel erection and coordination with the railroad and other trade work.

Portable And Permanent Fall Protection For Railcar & Truck Loading

FLS offers every variety of fall arrest system for the bulk loading industry, from economical cable-based fall protection systems to FlexRail to mobile access platforms. We take into account your unique requirements and assist you in making the optimum choice for your particular application. As a turnkey provider of railcar safety, we design and install all options of fall protection without bias. When you partner with FLS, the ultimate result is a system your workers will use without hesitation because it keeps them safe without interfering with their jobs. And a safe, confident worker is a more efficient worker. That’s why our clients say: FLS Works!™

As the leading provider of turnkey fall protection solutions in North America, FLS has designed systems for a variety of industries including the grain, plastics, bulk liquids, chemical, manufacturing and transportation industries.


Our design team of civil and structural engineers, AutoCAD designer and field engineers produce comprehensive design packages that include detail foundation drawings, structural steel design and a compliant fall protection solution in accordance with ANSI and OSHA requirements. Additionally, our engineers factor other elements such as local seismic and weather conditions into each design. Our design packages include track and structural layouts along vehicle and railcar positions along with a fully detailed fall protection solution.


The FLS manufacturing and fabrication shop can produce structural steel in excess of 40’ in length. All done under our registered ISO 9001:2015 quality management system to ensure the highest quality products. Having produced so many railcar and truck fall protection solutions, many of our common solutions are standard products that can be produced in days instead of weeks.


Working near active railroads or trucking areas requires careful coordination, and in some cases special insurances. Our crews mobilize to site with all tools, safety and installation equipment. Each installation technician has extensive training and refresher training in safety, equipment usage and construction techniques. Using our proprietary safety hazard assessment app, our crews perform a thorough pre installation safety evaluation each day to ensure all work is done safely. Our lead technicians have an average tenure with FLS of over 10 years. This experience is invaluable in the field when having competent, qualified and capable technicians working in an active work environment.


A railcar or truck fall protection system is only effective if used properly. Each authorized user of a fall protection system will be trained on all aspects of use including prior to use inspection, proper fitting of the full body harness, methods for accessing, safe use and rescue considerations.


Every fall protection system must be inspected, serviced and re-certified periodically or after a fall. Our field service team of coordinators, inspection technicians and recertification engineers proactively work with our customers to keep their fall protection systems serviced and up to date with the latest standards and requirements.

FlexRail - Railcar Fall Protection Case Study

Tri-point Case Study

FLS engineered a solution to accommodated the facility’s overhead gantry cranes so they could travel unimpeded by the overhead self-retracting safety lanyards.

FlexRail - Truck Maintenance Fall Protection Case Study

Teknor Apex Case Study

Overhead fall protection was needed on the old and new plastics silos for workers to connect the feeder tubes to tanker trucks while on top of the trucks. FLS designed, fabricated and installed 8 FlexRail Systems.

Railcar Overhead Horizontal Lifeline Case Study

Katoen Natie Overhead Lifeline System Case Study

FLS designed, fabricated, and installed gallows with connected overhead horizontal lifeline systems. These systems allow Katoen employees to safely access the tops of bulk railcars.

Truck Loading Overhead Horizontal Lifeline Case Study

Evonik Overhead Lifeline Case Study

An overhead fall protection system was needed in their Acrylic Bay to access the tops of trucks loading materials for distribution.