fall protection for pipe racks

Fall Protection for Pipe Racks

Unique OSHA compliant fall safety solutions including complete pass-through systems for pipe racks, oil and gas refineries, and the petrochemical industry.

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Unique Solutions For Safety At Height In Oil & Gas Refineries

Flexible Lifeline Systems (FLS) offers a turnkey solution to your pipe rack fall hazards. From a single access point to complete pass-through systems of more than 1000 feet, your workers will be protected as they go about their daily maintenance and inspection activities.

Common fall protection solutions for refinery, gas, and petrochemical applications include:

  • Horizontal Lifelines
  • Works Platforms
  • Catwalks / Elevated Walkways
  • Guardrails
  • Stair Access Systems
  • Permanent Ladders with Vertical Lifelines
  • Crossover Ladder Platforms

Unlimited Scope

The miles of piping and pipe racks associated with the petrochemical industry expose refinery workers to fall hazards when adequate fall protection is not in place. Oil and gas refineries are in need of constant repair, maintenance, painting, and pipe re-routing. Most of this work is done at heights, with few or no structural elements overhead from which to install fall protection. Some sections of pipe rack may expose workers to a fall hazard during maintenance, and yet, these same sections of pipe might be visited once every ten years.

As someone concerned with safety for an oil and gas refinery, how do you balance OSHA compliance and protection of maintenance personnel with the need to provide cost effective fall protection covering an enormous length of exposed pipe?

The systems we develop are designed with all these variables in mind. Additionally, we never lose site of user-friendliness as a major consideration to enable free access while ensuring safety compliance.

Comprehensive Fall Safety

In addition to pipe racks, FLS will address the fall hazards associated with rail siding, truck tanks, and pits found in refinery settings. FLS engineers will work with you to develop a comprehensive fall protection plan for your refinery. Working together, we will identify and prioritize high risk areas where falls are likely to occur. After this process is complete, FLS will recommend and install OSHA compliant fall protection solutions that will keep your facility, and more importantly, your workers safe.

For more information on our fall protection solutions for pipe racks, contact our fall safety experts.