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Unparalleled support of at height safety for oil, gas, and chemical facilities. Extensive experience from a turnkey Fall Protection solutions provider.

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Unparalleled Safety Solutions

Few industries have regulatory guidelines more stringent than the petrochemical and plastics industries. When it comes to meeting OSHA fall protection regulations, Flexible Lifeline Systems (FLS) provides an unparalleled level of support. Leading petrochemical companies have chosen us for their comprehensive fall protection needs. We've provided safe access, fall prevention and fall protection for offshore rigs, oil & gas refineries, plastic pellet manufacturing, storage tanks, drilling platforms, plastic distribution, other elevated equipment, and several other applications.

Fall Arrest Industry Experts

As the industry leader since 1996, FLS sets the standard for fall protection capability, quality, and efficiency. To learn more about our solutions for oil, gas, and petrochemical, contact the systems specialist in your territory.

customer testimonial

The entire system… From the rail all the way down to the lanyard is built with great quality. Precise engineering workmanship also shows in your product. Great company, great product & great service!

Michael Brantley
Plant Operations Manager
Packing Service Company, Pearland, Texas

Fall Safety for Plastics

Fall Safety for Plastics

We understand the various hazards faced by the manufacturing and distribution of raw plastic material. From at-height environments in the manufacturing facility, to fall safety measures on the distribution railways, our safety systems are designed with your specific workflow in mind.

Fall Safety For Offshore Rigs

Fall Safety For Offshore Rigs

Our personnel understand that a successful offshore system is one that your workers use with no hesitation because it keeps them safe without interference. The inherent adaptability of our designs makes them the ideal fall arrest system for offshore environments.

Confined Space In Oil & Gas Extraction

Confined Space In Oil & Gas Extraction

FLS has vast experience providing solutions for confined space fall hazards in the oil and gas industry including storage tanks, reserve pits, mud pits, and other excavated areas.

Why the Oil and Gas Industry Turns to FLS for Fall Protection


Flexible Lifeline Systems Tank fall protection solutions start with evaluating the specific maintenance operations performed. In the oil and gas industry, onsite evaluations are often required.

Design & Engineering

Our Fall Protection Systems can be designed and installed to follow the complex contours of an offshore structure, including horizontal, inclined, and vertical sections for towers and ladders as needed.


To maintain the highest level of quality, every system part and manufactured component is thoroughly inspected, processed and supplied in accordance with our ISO 9001:2015 program.


Our construction and field technicians have decades of experience working with safety protocols on oil rigs and refineries enabling us to perform safely and efficiently and complete even the most complicated process in days versus weeks.

All Weather Components

While offshore, our attention to quality components and their corresponding ability to withstand even the worst climatic and environmental conditions is particularly important. Worker safety is assured because system operations are unaffected by salt, rain, snow, ice, or adverse weather.


Our marine grade stainless steel fall arrest systems and hermetically sealed retractable lifelines are ideally suited for the harsh offshore environment.


Flexible Lifeline Systems coordinators, trainers, technicians, and engineers proactively ensure solutions are properly used, serviced, inspected and remain compliant with latest standards and regulations through annual recertification.