Safe Access Systems For Working At Height In Power Plants

Flexible Lifeline Systems’ personnel have extensive experience with safety concerns associated with nuclear power plant maintenance and will develop a system ideal for areas inside the power plants providing unhindered access with 100% fall protection.


Your workers need to have continual and unfettered access to all parts of your facility. We recognize the rigorous instruction and oversight your engineers and maintenance personnel undergo to be certified. FLS equipment and systems are designed to stand up to those stringent safety requirements.

Our systems can be installed to facilitate general maintenance for the facility as well as tasks specific to nuclear power plants, providing protection as workers go about daily routines. Applications range from comparatively simple systems for a warehouse roof to multi-faceted systems across complex sites like power stations.

horizontal lifelines for pipe racks


Systems can be created that link together and operate horizontally, on inclines, and vertically on towers or ladders. There are overhead systems to protect workers operating above machinery. Also, there are temporary systems, including a freestanding guardrail system, for on/off maintenance jobs or for use where a permanent system cannot be installed.


Select below for more information about specific nuclear power plant safety solutions.

Vertical/Inclined Systems

The two most common solutions for ladder fall arrest systems are cable based vertical lifelines and ladder davits with self-retracting lifelines.

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Multi Span Lifelines

Flexible Lifeline Systems has designed Multi Span Lifelines to provide safe and effective fall protection in a variety of applications for over 20 years.

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We can design and manufacture custom solutions per your requirements.

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