Safe Access For Maintaining Factory Equipment

Manufacturing facilities and factories often face unique fall protection challenges to protect their workers while performing routine and non-routine maintenance tasks.

Unfortunately, fall protection for maintaining large machinery such as injection molders, automotive manufacturing equipment, ovens and metal working equipment is often overlooked until the equipment is already installed and needs to be serviced. Other manufacturers face fall protection challenges on the products they manufacturer – motor coaches, vinyl swimming pools, yachts, and passenger railcars are just a few.

Non-Intrusive Fall Protection

Flexible Lifeline Systems (FLS) has extensive experience providing unique and often custom fall protection solutions to manufacturers. We understand how critical it is for the fall protection solution to have a neutral or positive impact on productivity because the difference between profit and loss is measured in minutes, not days.

Flexible Options For Fall Safety

A variety of solutions are available including:

  • freestanding portable anchor points
  • fixed and adjustable guardrails
  • permanent tie-off points and many more

Select below for more information about specific manufacturing safety solutions.


Overhead rail and track systems with optional bypass capability.

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FlexGuard is a modular guardrail system that can be used for a variety of applications including rooftop safety and walkways.

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Anchor Points

The FLS range of tie off anchors provide a cost effective solution to fall hazards both in general industry and building maintenance applications.

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Accessing sorters and conveyors for inspection or maintenance always presents fall safety challenges.

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Freestanding Rooftop Anchor

The freestanding rooftop anchor provides worker safety at heights where there is a requirement to access flat roofs or structures.

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We can design and manufacture custom solutions per your requirements.

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