Safety Anchors for Industrial Fall Protection

FLS permanent single point anchors are a cost effective way to provide point of access fall protection. Single point anchors are engineered to your building or structures requirements. Oftentimes, additional structural supports are necessary to resolve the loads into these structures or a permanent clamping method is necessary to avoid damaging the steel. More than an off the shelf single point anchor, FLS anchors are individually engineered and design to ensure your worker’s safety.

Fall Protection Anchor Design

In general industry, FLS single point anchors are typically used when a worker needs to access a small area at heights. Depending on the height of the anchorage, length of retractable lifeline or lanyard, and fall distance, the single point anchor provides a cone of coverage area. This cone of coverage is determined during design and is part of the systems manual and training.

Typical Uses For Fall Arrest Anchors

  • Accessing motors in automated storage racks
  • Accessing tops of storage tanks
  • Manufacturing equipment maintenance
  • Ovens and process equipment in food manufacturing
  • Heavy equipment manufacturing
  • Molding machine fall protection
  • Routine maintenance on elevated equipment

Safety Standards

Complies with US OSHA 1910, ANSI Z359.6 and Canadian CSA Z259.2 standards for Engineered Fall Protection.

Anchor Quality

Only the highest quality material is used in the manufacture and installation of each fall arrest system.

  • Manufactured in our ISO 9001:2015 facility
  • ASTM A570 or A607 grade steel
  • All connecting hardware is SAE J-429 Grade 5 material
  • Each system is Engineered to the most stringent engineering standards
  • All fabrication welds are subject to inspection and dye penetrant or magnetic particle testing
  • Each system is load tested as part of certification for use
  • Durable Fall Protection Solutions
  • Depending on environmental conditions, single point anchors are available in stainless steel, galvanized or coated finishes.

Single Point Anchors Case Study

American Airlines Case Study

FLS designed compliant and user-friendly fall protection for an American Airlines maintenance hanger while specific clearance requirements.

Nestle Water/Ozarka Water Case Study

FLS designed and engineered five single point anchors for a Nestle and Ozarka distribution center.

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