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Working at Height Best Practices for Distribution Centers

Join Steve Csuha in this 1 hour webinar as he explores how to solve the at height challenges common to Distribution & Fulfillment centers.

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Fall Protection Webinar

Today's high-velocity warehousing, distribution & fulfillment centers utilize modern feats of automation, efficiency, and speed, yet their operations are among the most dangerous work environments. In fact, they require more job restrictions or days off work and have a fatal injury rate higher than the national average for all general industries.

Because picking, sorting, cross docking, packaging, and shipping work is performed mostly at ground level, safeguarding the at height work is commonly overlooked. Second to forklift-related accidents, which account for over 95,000 serious injuries every year, unaddressed fall hazards in warehousing and distribution account for 15% of all accidental deaths, 25% of all injury claims, and an astounding 95 million lost workdays each year.

Join Steve Csuha in this 1 hour webinar as he explores how to solve the at height challenges common to Distribution & Fulfillment centers.

About Your Host

Steve Csuha is a fall protection specialist with over a decade of thought leadership. When it comes to solution design and implementation, he knows what works and what doesn't. He currently serves on the executive leadership team at Flexible Lifeline Systems and has experience in helping Fortune 100 companies meet OSHA/ANSI compliance through Engineered Fall Protection and Best Practices. Steve is a Component Person, a Mechanical Engineer, Consultant, Trainer, and Father.


Webinar Agenda & Areas of Focus

Identifying & Addressing Hazards

Learn how to identify hazards and implement safe work practices on elevated walkways and platforms, the best ways to clear pinch point jams and perform maintenance on elevated conveyors and more.

How a Safety Culture Boosts Morale & Productivity

Find out how comprehensive fall protection plans can bring fall protection standards up code, reduce injury, and create a competitive advantage for multi-facility enterprises.

Overview of Relevant Regulations & Standards

Unpack and demystify OSHA/ANSI/IBC and how recent changes to codes, such as OSHA’s WalkingWorking Surfaces standard apply to high-velocity warehousing, distribution and fulfillment centers.

Questions & Answers

The presentation concludes with an opportunity to get deeper insight or clarity on any of the topics covered. A PDF version of the presentation and video of the webinar is provided to all attendees.