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FLS has worked safeguared the work at height in distribution centers like Target, Rite Aid, General Motors, and AutoZone.

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Solutions For Warehouse Fall Safety & Fulfillment Center Fall Safety

Advances in material handling technology have tremendously increased the productivity and efficiency of today’s distribution centers. The use of robotics and other high tech equipment has automated many processes and reduced costs. However, maintaining this equipment, correcting errors, and clearing product jams can present some unique fall protection challenges.

Unparalleled Experience In Fall Protection For Distribution Centers

Our range of passive and active OSHA/ANSI fall protection solutions and engineering services are designed to give distribution and fulfillment centers safety, compliance, and peace of mind. Since 1996, our Distribution and Fulfillment specialists have designed and implemented a range of OSHA/ANSI compliant work at height solutions without compromising the efficiency of fast-paced operations.

Services and Solutions that Protect Staff and Operations Inside/Out

Safety and Compliance for Rooftop Work. A perimeter guardrail to protect all roof edges, is the safest solution when rooftop access is required to service HVAC units, cooling towers, generators, or clean out drainage systems. However, when large rooftop footprints make this solution cost-prohibitive, it's possible to create safe zones around exposed work areas, rooftop openings or skylights, and to clear work paths over lines and duct work.

OSHA/ANSI Compliant Work at Height. Working at height within busy distribution and fulfillment operations can present unique risks and hazards to staff and operations, sometimes without warning. Even when lines are locked out, an unscheduled motor failure or the need to clear a pinch jam can put an unprotected worker at risk. Our passive and active fall protection solutions add OSHA/ANSl-compliancy without compromising the efficiency or the flow of fast-paced operations.


As an industry expert, FLS is a turnkey provider of innovative fall arrest solutions and sets the standard for fall protection capability, quality, and efficiency. To learn more about our solutions for distribution centers, contact the systems specialist in your territory.


We have developed many unique solutions to protect employees working at height in distribution centers. These solutions include: Pallet Rack Anchors, Custom Access Platforms, Engineered Tie-Off Points, Engineered Lifelines, Custom Solutions, and more.


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