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Services designed to address the unique confined spaces and fall hazards of alcoholic beverage manufacturers and distributors.

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Fall Protection for Distilleries & Breweries

Distilling spirits and brewing beer is a complicated process using multiple stages of production. Within the setting of these specialized and often multilevel facilities, work at height is almost always unavoidable. Daily operations often require frequent use of ladders, fixed stairs, platforms and catwalk systems and simple rooftop maintenance work can involve negotiating obstacles such as pipe racks, ventilation systems, HVAC and skylights.

For over 25 years, Flexible Lifeline Systems fall protection specialists and engineers have helped a range of alcoholic beverage manufacturers and distributors address their unique confined spaces and fall hazards challenges. Our team has evaluated a range of operations, from small craft brands with manual routines to larger transnational brands and more automated processes. In every case, the safety controls, engineered fall protection, personal protective equipment, and training we provide is delivered with an uncompromising standard to effectively safeguard operations without disrupting the routines our customers have worked so hard to perfect.

Ways FLS Reduces Risk in Distilleries and Breweries:

Single Point, Cable-Based and Rigid Rail Fall Arrest Systems give workers full, unencumbered mobility as they clean, inspect, and add ingredients to brite tanks, tuns, kettles, whirlpools, fermentation tanks and grants.

Modular FlexGuard and FlexWalk systems provide a corrosive-resistant alternative to welded guardrail & handrail and prevent workers and their tools from falling to lower levels.

Mezzanine Pallet Systems and custom warehousing solutions protect and simplify the storage of grains and fluids.

Why Distilleries and Breweries Turn to FLS for Fall Protection


Flexible Lifeline Systems identifies fall hazards in loading, unloading, and storage areas, reviews the manufacturing process and inspects the roof and its points of access. Then we design a custom plan for your company that will protect employees and contractors.


Our in-house team includes certified structural engineers (with PE in most States), mechanical engineers, project engineers, AutoCAD designers, SolidWorks Designers, and Systems Specialists with over two decades of engineered systems experience.


To maintain the highest level of quality, every system part and manufactured component is single-sourced and thoroughly inspected, processed and supplied in accordance with our ISO 9001:2015 program.


Our highly skilled construction and field technicians specialize in fall protection and have decades of experience. They enable us to perform safely and efficiently. Even the most complicated projects are completed within days versus weeks.


Flexible Lifeline Systems coordinators, trainers, technicians, and engineers proactively ensure solutions are properly used, serviced, inspected and remain compliant with latest standards and regulations through annual recertification and 5-Year Engineering Design review.

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