fall protection for dams


Lifeline Cables For Performing Dam Maintenance

Dam maintenance and inspections require putting workers in positions with little chance of survival should a fall occur. FLS personnel combine decades of experience with cutting-edge engineering to ensure fall safety for dam workers who perform these functions.

Industry Specific Expertise

Dams are architectural marvels that create a unique set of challenges for worker safety. Built to withstand extraordinary forces and last forever in unforgiving climates, these massive structures require ongoing maintenance and inspections.

FLS Horizontal Lifeline Systems exceed OSHA standards, giving users the confidence of knowing they are protected against the unexpected. FLS takes into consideration the specific circumstances of your particular situation, such as hydro conditions, wind, humidity and temperature variances when determining your facility’s best fall protection solution.

Commitment to Safety

Once a concept has been established and engineered to your facilities specific needs, our in-house fabrication and installation team will complete your project working to the highest energy standards. FLS maintains an ongoing commitment to your personnel’s safety through regular training and inspections of your safety system.

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