Cable Lifelines & Fall Arrest Rail Systems For Cranes

Accessing overhead cranes and their associated rails and runway systems for inspection and maintenance always presents fall safety challenges. FLS has a wide range of experience installing both single-span and complex multi-span crane rail systems.

Continuous Safety

Our crane rail systems can attach at a single point and with the use of turntables and corner brackets, access unlimited bridge cranes without ever having to detach.


The single-span system consists of a single cable line with 2 anchor points.

  • Capable of single spans over 200 feet
  • 100% durable marine grade stainless steel
  • All components serial numbered
  • Built-in user friendly tension indicator
  • In-line shock absorber to reduce end loads
  • 100% hands-free
  • Stainless steel for all weather use



The multi-span horizontal cable system connects two or more single-span systems. It accommodates horizontal, inclined, and curved requirements. Unique trans-fasteners allow a user to travel unlimited lengths without having to disconnect and re-connect to the system. The multi-span system includes all of the features and benefits of the single-span system along with 100% fall protection for multiple users from the ground up.


Select below for more information about specific crane safety solutions.

Overhead Horizontal Lifelines

FLS cable based flexible horizontal lifeline fall arrest systems engineered to minimize fall distance and provide pass thru capability with longer spans and uninterrupted lengths.

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Overhead rail and track systems with optional bypass capability.

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A rigid rail enclosed track fall protection system in a bridge format.

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We can design and manufacture custom solutions per your requirements.

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