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Building maintenance units (BMUs) & roof cars with telescopic systems for facade maintenance & accessing building exteriors. Retrofit or new construction.

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Periodic Inspections & Testing For Building Maintenance Equipment

FLS provides 30 day, annual/visual, and 5 year inspections, as well as load testing of building maintenance equipment. We typically work with organizations who want to ensure their building maintenance equipment is being inspected by professionals who know what they are doing. They don’t want the hassle of managing and manually documenting their annual inspection program. Others want the security of knowing their inspections are not going to be forgotten or overlooked. Our field services group provides solutions to address all these concerns.

Field Services Advisor (FSA)

Your inspection program is managed by one of our dedicated Field Service Advisors. The FSA will work with you to develop and coordinate the on-site inspection program. The FSA is your single point of contact for all your building maintenance equipment inspection needs.


Performance Test

Before an installation is performed, the equipment is tested by the manufacturer/supplier with the rated load, through the complete range of operation, on all drops. The results of the load tests are signed by the inspector and filed with the building owner. (Ref. ASME A120.1-2008 5.1.1)

Maintenance Inspections & Tests

30 day inspections of Permanent Self-Powered Platforms & BMU’s – All existing building maintenance equipment is inspected every 30 days, or before each use if the cycle is more than 30 days, by a qualified person. The results of the inspections and/or tests are recorded, dated and signed by the inspector, and filed with the property manager. (Ref. ASME A120.1-2008 5.1.3) (29CFR 1910.66 Powered Platforms for Building Maintenance)

Periodic Inspections

also known as annual inspections, not to exceed 12 months for Self-Powered Platforms & BMU’s – These inspections are performed to deem the equipment safe and in compliant operating condition. All parts of the equipment, including control systems, are inspected by a qualified person. (Ref. ASME A120.1-2008 5.1.2)