Rigid Rail Fall Protection For Aircraft

Rigid Rail Fall Protection For Aircraft

The FLS FlexRail system includes a durable rigid fall protection system featuring an enclosed track with optional bypass capability. No other rigid rail fall protection system provides bypass capability combined with the enclosed track benefits of FlexRail.

The FlexRail System provides an unprecedented 1:100 movement-to-weight ratio. Even in high overhead situations, such as wide body hangars, the retractable lifeline remains overhead at all times completely eliminating any potential for an in-line swing-fall.

Re-Certification After A Fall

FLS offers complimentary service after a fall. After a fall, the retractable lifeline and full body harness may be returned to FLS for complimentary replacements. Most companies keep a spare retractable and harness onsite or we will rush replacements to you. The designated competent person onsite performs a visual inspection of the system in accordance with the inspection criteria provided at the time of certification and upon passing inspection, the system is ready for use.

Quality Fall Protection

Quality Fall Protection

Only the highest quality material is used in the manufacture and installation of each fall arrest system.

  • Aluminum track is made from 6061-T6 grade aluminum
  • Tracks are made from ASTM A570 or A607 grade steel
  • All connecting hardware is SAE J-429 Grade 5 material
  • Each system is engineered to the most stringent engineering standards
  • All fabrication welds are subject to inspection and dye penetrant or magnetic particle testing
  • Each system is load tested as part of certification for use

FlexRail Features

Optional Bypass Capability

With each user on their own enclosed track, multiple users gain full bypass capability. The result is increased safety and productivity.

Durable Overhead Fall Protection

All structural components are hot-dip galvanized or coated for added durability and corrosion control. The Teflon® wheels of the sealed bearing trolleys do not damage the coating, resulting in years of maintenance-free use.

Modular Flexibility

The system can be designed in unlimited lengths. This modular style makes it easy to add sections when you expand your MRO capacities. We’ll even design your system with your expansion plans in mind to further reduce costs when the time comes.

Reliable & Low Maintenance

The FlexRail enclosed track is by far the most reliable rigid rail system in use today. The enclosed track prevents dust and debris buildup, providing a virtually maintenance-free system. This is critically important in aircraft maintenance hangars where Foreign Object Damage (FOD) is a concern.

System Affordability

FlexRail is an affordable alternative to the old-style exposed flange trolley beam systems. In addition to the competitive initial cost, the system has little ongoing maintenance and provides increased productivity.

Rigid Rail Fall Protection System for Aircraft Animation

Rigid Rail & Track Systems Projects

Aircraft Fall Protection for U.S. Military

FLS engineered, fabricated and installed a total of twelve enclosed track and trolley systems capable of supporting three users each. FLS designed the safety systems at elevations below HVAC and fire protection equipment to prevent interference with other hangar systems.

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Wood-frame Aircraft Hangar Flexrail Retrofit

The FLS team devised a hybrid system, in which a very light-weight tube would be installed the full length of the cable system run. This tube acts as a compression strut along the entire length of the cable, and will distribute any fall arrest loads, both horizontal and vertical, without structural damage to the wood trusses.

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Protecting Alaska Airlines MRO Staff

For this project, Flexible Lifeline Systems designed, engineered, and installed a total of six (6) Type 1 FlexRail systems. Each system was designed and engineered for a two (2) user fall arrest.

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American Airlines Case Study

FLS designed compliant and user-friendly fall protection for an American Airlines maintenance hanger while specific clearance requirements.

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ANSI and OSHA Compliant for Aircraft

  • USA – Complies with OSHA & ANSI Standards for Engineered Systems
  • Canadian Standard CSA Z259.2
  • Flexible Lifeline Systems is a US Department of Defense approved contractor

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