Solutions for Fixed-Wing and Rotary Aircraft

Protect staff during preflight and full phase checks, repair and maintenance in the hangar and on flight line with our user-friendly, non-intrusive fall protection systems.

Flexible Lifeline Systems aviation fall protection is found installed in commercial, corporate, and military MRO facilities all over the world. Our systems meet OSHA 1910 and ANSI Z359 requirements and provide continuous and uncompromising safety while working at height on the aircraft.

customer testimonial It has been a little over a year since FLS installed our overhead fall protection systems. The system is awesome and technicians still tell me it’s cool! When I train someone, I always say look up, everything in yellow is part of our fall protection system. It is said that the people make the company – FLS is a true testament to this. Their fall protection specialists are knowledgeable and experienced in their field and it shows in their work.

~ Frank (United Airlines)

Hazard Assessment & Structural Analysis

Flexible Lifeline Systems aircraft fall protection solutions start with evaluating the specific maintenance operations performed. In the case of hanger systems, evaluation of the supporting building structures Is often required.

Engineering & Design

Our team of registered structural engineers, AutoCAD designers and field engineers model fall protection systems in relation to the aircraft position and hangar structure to provide the maximum coverage, compliance and safety.

Fabrication & Production

To maintain the highest level of quality, every system part and manufactured component is thoroughly inspected, processed and supplied in accordance with our ISO 9001:2015 program.

Construction & Installation

Our construction and field technicians have decades of experience working with aircraft and in hangar environments enabling us to perform safely and efficiently and complete even the most complicated process in days versus weeks.

User Training & Certification

Flexible Lifeline Systems coordinators, trainers, technicians, and engineers proactively ensure solutions are properly used, serviced, inspected and remain compliant with latest standards and regulations through annual recertification.

Aircraft Fall Protection Case Study

New Aircraft Hangar Flexrail Case Study

For this project, Flexible Lifeline Systems designed, engineered, and installed a total of six (6) Type 1 FlexRail systems. Each system was designed and engineered for a two (2) user fall arrest.

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