Qualifying Fall Solutions Providers – What to Look For

Both employers and employees agree: Fall solutions providers save lives. However, not all fall protection systems are equal. There are a broad range of technologies available for fall prevention, and significant variation between the quality of different providers' solutions. Industrial and manufacturing companies have a clear incentive to invest in the most reliable systems they... Read More

Fall Protection Guidelines for New Buildings – What to Look For

As you probably already know, OSHA maintains a separate set of standards for construction and non-construction worksites. The reasoning behind this is simple. Construction worksites present a different set of risks than non-construction worksites, so work crews need to use different systems to mitigate those risks effectively. Fall protection equipment and systems used during construction… Read More

Fall Protection Solutions for Recycling Trucks: Keeping Workers Safe

At any company, employee safety is the top priority. However, the stakes are higher for companies in manufacturing, maintenance, and transportation. At these companies, technicians and laborers need to climb and descend often, and the risk of falling increases with hazards, uneven surfaces, and tricky working conditions. Nowhere is this more true than in recycling… Read More

FLS Installs Fall Arrest System for U.S. Naval Facilities Transportation Division

Naval Facilities Engineering Command Hawaii Transportation Division Implements New, Mobile Fall Arrest System The following article was originally published on the NAVFAC Hawaii website. Click here to view original post. Successfully in use for the past two months, Naval Facilities Engineering Command Hawaii Transportation Division’s new mobile, fall arrest system provides employees a safer working environment when performing... Read More

Workplace Safety in 2017 – Protecting Rooftop Employees

Rooftops are dangerous places to work. Whether installing solar panels, repairing roof-mounted HVAC systems, or performing routine roof inspections, laborers who work on roofs need adequate fall protection. In the construction industry alone, accidental falls routinely cause at least 250 deaths per year. In order to mitigate the risks that falling poses and save workers’… Read More

How Do Recent Changes to the OSHA 1910 Standard for Fall Protection Affect You?

Accidental falls, whether from great heights or on even surfaces, remain one of the leading causes of workplace injuries and deaths. New Federal occupational safety rulings on fall protection systems seek to mitigate the risk of falling and reduce the danger industrial workers expose themselves to when working. OSHA has issued its final ruling on… Read More

Press Feature: FLS C-130 Aircraft Maintenance Platforms

The 145th Maintenance Squadron recently received their long awaited C-130 Isochronal Inspection (ISO) Aircraft Maintenance Platforms at the North Carolina Air National Guard Base, Charlotte Douglas International Airport. The stands started arriving May 23rd and were completed June 3rd, 2015. These stands are part of an Air Force-wide mission to replace aircraft maintenance stands for… Read More