Fall Arrest Experts Invite You to Tour Our New FLS Facility

Flexible Life Systems announced new headquarters facility in Oct 16, 2017 and was open for tours guided by the most experienced personnel.

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Published on: October 16, 2017

Flexible Life Systems (FLS) is happy to announce that our new headquarters facility is now open for tours. These tours will be guided by the most experienced members of the FLS family, including the general manager, VP of Sales, President, Plant Manager, and Group Marketing Director – just to name a few.

Our fall arrest experts are well-equipped to answer all of the questions that may arise on tour, as well as show visitors how FLS has become a proven leader in workplace safety.

Fall Arrest Experts – Who We Are and What We Do

The first part of the FLS tour will explain who we are and what we’ve been able to accomplish. FLS is a company that’s gone global. Currently, FLS sells to businesses in 60 countries. We’ve managed to expand internationally because of our strong and sustained growth, which has averaged 113% in the past six years alone.

Since 1996, FLS has proven we’re the fall arrest experts by creating safety products that prevent falls, like roof edge protection and guard rail systems.

Employees of FLS (currently, there are 47 employees in the U.S., 14 of which are field based) continually educate themselves on safety and fall prevention in order to improve our product line. This not only establishes us as experts in their field, but has also allowed us to promote sustainable, long-term relationships with satisfied customers.

Each year, FLS works on approximately 200 engineered systems projects. These projects have included installing five miles (or 26,000 feet) of rigid rail and 9 miles (47,000 feet) of lifeline cable. FLS fall arrest experts have produced over 2000 engineered drawings each year, done installations in all 50 states, and have made the following sectors safe for employees.

  • Aviation
  • Manufacturing
  • Commercial
  • Infrastructure

Some of the corporations that have utilized Flexible Life Systems include:

  • Boeing
  • Southwest
  • United Airlines
  • BP
  • Chevron
  • Exxon Mobile
  • John Deere
  • Caterpillar
  • Cargill
  • Target
  • And many more.

What You Can Expect During a Tour of Our FLS Headquarters

The FLS facility is a total of 24,000 square feet – 19,000 of which consists of factory floor space and the remaining 5,000 is office space.

A tour of the FLS headquarters begins in the reception area where visitors will watch a corporate video, receive a visitors’ safety guide, and enjoy a beverage while meeting other guests.

Visitors will then be escorted to the meeting room. Here, guests will be presented with the FLS facility safety rules and a company overview, as well as a showcase of product pictures.

After this, guests will take a tour through the office space where they will see the base of operations for the management, sales, finance, and engineering team.

Once they’ve seen the offices, guests will proceed to the factory where they will see how FLS operates. They will be introduced to the visual management board, the latest project management schedule, and works in progress. These include:

  • Flexrail systems
  • Overhead cable based systems
  • Anchors
  • Rooftop Lifelines
  • FlexGuard
  • FlexWalk.

The tour guide will not only show visitors the products available, but also show them how they are utilized. For instance, visitors will note that throughout the factory, safety railing and Self Closing Gates are used to separate pedestrian traffic from factory operations.

At the end of the factory tour, guests will be taken back to the meeting room where they will enjoy further presentations. There will also be time to discuss how FLS can assist each business and all questions will be addressed.

We Welcome You to Come Visit Us for a Tour of Our New Facility

The goal of the FLS fall arrest experts is to show visitors just how important safety and fall prevention is in the workplace. They will do this by showing those who tour our new headquarters how we’ve been able to help major corporations and small companies alike improve the safety of their buildings and facilities.

Everyone at Flexible Life Systems encourages all business owners and general managers to come visit our new facility. We will explain how our systems work and how they can be incorporated to make a facility safer for every single employee.

Would you like to explore our new facility? We welcome you to call us or submit your inquiry online. We look forward to showing you around our headquarters and answering all your questions about how our fall prevention systems can help your company.

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