Protection Workers Who Maintain U.S. Military Aircraft

The Customer’s Need: A high risk of falling exists while working at height on the various, uneven, and slippery surfaces of helicopters and tilt-rotor aircraft. Working heights also vary from approximately 5 feet above the floor to over 20 feet above floor. An Alabama company that services and retrofits several types of rotary-wing aircraft for US Military and the DoD needed a fall-safety solution for their new hangar.

Why Us: FLS had previously installed several systems that provided them with fall protection capabilities in other hangars on their campus. When the time came to outfit their new 60,000 square foot hangar, they chose Flexible Lifeline Systems as the preferred vendor for the General Contractor.

FlexRail: the Right Aircraft Fall Protection Solution

The FlexRail Rigid Lifelines allow the workers to tie-off to an SRL at any point on the rail before ever stepping foot onto the aircraft or access ladder. The minimal fall distance produced by the FlexRail will prevent the worker from reaching the ground in the event of a fall, even at working heights at the lower end of the spectrum.

Project Details – Hangar Fall Safety System

FLS designed, fabricated and installed a total of Twelve FlexRail enclosed track and trolley systems capable of supporting three users each, as well as all required steel supports at end and intermediate connections. Four tracks divided into three systems each allow for nearly 100% fall protection coverage at any point on the hangar floor.

FLS designed the systems at elevations below any HVAC and fire protection equipment to prevent any interference with the free travel of the trolley and SRL along the track.

Experience with Installation

A major challenge of this project was the steel structure of the hangar which required specific lengths of FlexRail at each connection. FLS was able to coordinate work during installation with several other trades also performing work in the hangar.