FLS Fall Protection for Railcars & Trucks

Teknor Apex produces vinyl, thermoplastic elastomers, nylon, colorants, and other specialty compounds and esters.

Overhead fall protection was needed on the old and new plastics silos for their workers to connect the feeder tubes to tanker trucks while on top of the trucks. Existing overhead lifelines could not be certified and had to be removed and replaced.

The Right Fall Safety Solution

The FlexRail Fall Protection System allows the worker to tie off to a self-retracting lifeline before ever stepping foot onto the tanker truck. This will prevent the worker from reaching the ground in the event of a fall.

Project Details

FLS designed, fabricated and installed four 16’ long FlexRail systems on the Old Plastics Silo, and four 15’ long FlexRail systems on the New Plastics Silo. Each silo has 4 bays, 1 FlexRail system per bay. Each system is designed for one user using a self-retracting lifeline with a maximum arresting force of 900 lbs.

Project Challenges

Coordinating the install time to not interfere with the loading of the trucks was the main challenge for this job.