Truck Loading Bay Fall Protection for Mining Supplier

Nelson Brothers is a leading manufacturer and distributor of mining explosives products and services. Through Nelson Brothers Specialty Chemical, they supply many of the largest surface coal and aggregate producers in the United States and around the world.

Roughly 50% of trucks that enter their Baltimore  facility to load or unload material require top of trailer access. The risk of falling in these conditions is high due to small work surfaces, slippery conditions, and the round shape of trailers. Working at heights of 12 feet and with concrete and processing equipment below, should a fall occur the likelihood of a severe injury is very high.

Project Details

This project required FLS to map out and design the foundations and subsequent systems around, over, and below several obstacles in crowded areas.

FLS provided foundation design and anchor bolts for gallow mounting, as well as all fabricated parts, hardware, and system components. Nelson Brothers elected to perform the steel erection phase, with FLS coming to the site to inspect, test, and certify once the systems were erected.

With a corporate philosophy that “All accidents can be prevented” Nelson Brothers took the steps necessary to provide the right fall protection for their shipping bay workers.