Office Building Rooftop Perimeter Fall Protection Lifeline

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A rooftop fall protection lifeline was needed for the perimeter of an office building in El Segundo. The lifeline is to be used with a 6’ lanyard to prevent falling over the edge.

Project Details

The FLS Multi Span Lifeline System allows the rooftop worker to tie off to the lifeline when stepping off of the access ladder and remain tied off 100% while walking the perimeter, preveting the worker from falling over the edge in the event of a trip or fall.

FLS designed, supplied, and installed thirty-four (34) membrane posts (PN LAKL2POST) to the roof deck using toggle bolts (PN LAKL2TOGA) to make a single 1250 ft. lifeline system.

FLS coordinated the installation with the roofer to ensure a smooth installation process.